• Parts Disclosure: We use a combination of new and used parts for most of our builds. This helps us provide affordable PC’s to all our customers!
  • Used Parts: We do NOT offer any warranty on any of the USED parts. Rest assured all used parts are thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure full functionality.
  • New parts: We offer warranty through an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). If the part is still under warranty with the manufacturer, we can provide the original purchase receipt and guide you through the RMA process.
  • All of our builds are fully stress tested/benchmarked to ensure there is no issues. Tests are completed on Cinebench R23, Furmark, Heaven Benchmarks & UserBenchmark.
  • We guarantee proper installation, assembly, proper parts disclosure, and appropriate cable management.


  • Returns are NOT accepted unless the PC is DOA (Dead On Arrival). If that is the case than you must contact us within 24HRS of delivery to be eligible for an immediate return!
  • If your system arrived with any other issues please contact us as soon as possible. This is so we can assist you and guide you through the return/troubleshooting process. We will schedule a call to determine if the pc needs to be returned or fixed based off that.
  • Do NOT try to troubleshoot the PC without contacting US or your refund WILL be denied.
  • When returning a PC, you are responsible for the return shipping. This includes the cost of the label & any other costs associated to the return. The original shipping cost cannot be refunded.
  • Once your label is ready, you must prep the PC for its shipment. The PC must be sent back in the same form in which you received it. This includes the original shipping/packaging materials. Additional materials are recommended to ensure the PC returns safely. Properly package the inside & outside of the PC to ensure all components are safe & free of play during transit. We HIGHLY recommend you insure the shipment which would cover any potential damages/losses caused during transit.
  • If the shipment is not insured than you as the sender are responsible for any damages/losses caused during transit. This will result in a deduction from the original refund amount. The amount deducted will be determined on the cost of the damage/loss of each component.
  • Refunds are typically sent out within 2-3 business days. We will need to receive the PC, inspect the pc/parts to ensure all serial numbers match up in our system records. This is to avoid any tampering/part swaps which is a common scam in the pc industry.. unfortunately!

Shipping/pick up:

  • We are currently only shipping in the United States.
  • All builds are dusted, wiped down, and fully sanitized prior to being shipped out.
  • Please allow 1-2 business days for your PC to be shipped out. Our Standard Shipping carrier is UPS via Ground. If you would like to upgrade shipping, please contact us once your order has been placed. This so we can invoice you the difference in shipping cost. Failing to pay the difference will result in Standard Shipping being applied to your order.
  • All shipments will be shipped with adequate shipping/packing materials. All builds are shipped with full insurance to cover the cost of the build. If there’s any damage during transit, we will need your cooperation so that we can file a claim with the shipping company and resolve the issue.
  • Local/Pick Up: We guarantee proper and safe delivery of the system locally as that is in our control. We will contact you via phone, email or social media after your order has been placed. (Make sure to leave your preferred contact method in the note section at check out!) If we are unable to reach you after 48 HRS, we will cancel your order.